Here is an example of what your sign will look like!


In most areas we have the sign companies who will come out, dig a hole, and place a sign post and flyer box.  

Note regarding sign placement:  Due to local sign ordinances and enforcement by municipalities, homeowners associations and other interested parties, will place sign orders ONLY for installations that are at the subject property.  Rules and community standards for real estate sign placement have received significant attention.  The sign vendors we use have incurred significant losses due to removal of posts and are unable to bear the risk of installations at locations not under the direct control of the property owner.

Additional Sign Options

You can also enhance your exposure with these other sign options.  Before ordering these signs, please review the local sign ordinances for your area. 

  1. Does your property face two streets or is it on a corner lot?  We can do a second full installation of post, sign and rider for $125, if both installations are on YOUR property.   
  2. Do you want to place directional arrows in your neighborhood?  If permitted by your local laws, these 9" x 24" signs can be very effective at driving traffic to you.  They are available for use in bundles of two for $30.
  3. Do you want to advertise an open house?  These 18" x 24" open house signs (with metal stakes) are available for use for the duration of your listing in bundles of two for $30.



Even if your homeowner association prohibits posts, we can mail you a loose sign and Call Seller Rider upon request.