We make real estate easy!

Selling your property by owner does not have to be complicated or expensive. MLS4owners has options to help facilitate your sale to a successful closing. 
OPTION ONE: The Facilitator Service                                                    
For MLS4owners customers, when an offer is presented from a broker who is representing the buyer, we can help facilitate the transaction to closing. Please forward/email the purchase and sale agreement, with "facilitator" in the subject line, to: [email protected]. Include your phone number and the best time to contact you.
Cost: .5% of the purchase price, paid at closing. Here is a link to details on how the facilitator service works.
OPTION TWO: Contract Assistance
Our system is designed to get buyers directly to the seller. If you need help working with a buyer with no broker representation, MLS4owners can facilitate the transaction to a successful closing. Please send an email with the buyer's name and phone number, and"contact assistance" in the subject line, to [email protected]. Include your MLS number, name, phone number, and the best time to contact you.
Upon payment MLS4owners will:
* Send a pre-contract checklist to help facilitate the transaction
* Contact buyer and buyer's lender to confirm lending pre-approval
* Using standardize real estate forms, develop the contract for seller and buyer
* Forward earnest money receipt from escrow
* Facilitate with inspectors, appraisers, escrow for a successful transaction
Cost: .5% of purchase price, paid at closing.
Note: If you are not a current MLS4owners customer and have a ready and willing buyer, we can help.  Please review option two and call with any questions. 253-460-1900