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Ticor Escrow  

Ticor Escrow is MLS4owners preferred escrow closing team that has developed a unique seller centric closing service. This transparent, seamless service is designed to help MLS4owners customers (unrepresented sellers) through the closing process without additional fees and delays. Ticor has closed thousands of sales for satisfied MLS4owners customers!

 Ticor has a dedicated closing team to assist MLS4owners customers!    

To protect the seller’s interest and have a more pleasant secure closing experience Ticor Escrow will:

1. Set up escrow as an unrepresented seller

2. Review your title report

3. Disclose current escrow rates on our website

4. Will not share sellers net proceeds amount to buyer’s agent or buyer

5. Will notify MLS4owners of transaction closing to timely update the MLS database to eliminate the risk of MLS fines

6. Verify commissions paid to buyer’s agent are correct amount from the Service Agreement

7. Disclose to brokers in MLS database that seller would like to close with Ticor Escrow

8. Sign your closing documents anywhere!  Ticor closing team will facilitate closings wherever is convenient for MLS4owners sellers by mobile notary.

 9. Ticor will send MLS4owners your Closing Disclosure for review. (Many escrow companies will not send the closing disclosure for review. Corrections to a charge may re-set the Dodd-Frank Act 3-day review period for the buyers, therefore may delay closing).

10. SmartPortal! Ticor uses SmartMail for all correspondence about a transaction. This is a secured portal, similar to your other financial institutions.

Know your closer! Have you heard of “wire fraud”? Or Business Email Compromise? What industry moves large amounts of money in a single transaction? Real Estate! It is no longer something you read about elsewhere. It is everywhere! Fraudsters work 24/7, 365 days a year to take money from unsuspecting buyers and sellers. For further information on how it happens, call your closing team.

Password, Password, Password! It is no longer just the seller’s proceeds fraudsters are going after. With the market being so competitive, buyers are using large down payments and earnest money deposits as incentives in their offers.  Fraudsters are impersonating the real estate agents, the lender and/or the escrow officer to get the buyer to send them the earnest money deposit, down payment or, in a cash sale, the entire sales price. Ticor has implemented a password system between your closing team and the buyers and sellers. To verify you are talking to actual staff of your closing team, you can ask them for the password you chose.

For concerns on how title and escrow affect your MLS listing, please call 253-460-1900.  

**Ticor Title & Escrow services are optional and are not mandatory to list with MLS4owners.com. 

For any closing question contact your closing team:

Title:  Teresa Nye   253-244-1680    [email protected]

Escrow:  Kate Weston  253-620-1393  [email protected]        


Ticor Title Insurance    

Title Insurance: In order to activate your listing, MLS rules require every listing to contain the correct legal description, (often referred to as vesting deed, Exhibit A, from a title report). Without a legal description attached to your sales contract, you may not have a binding contract in the state of Washington. Form 1c Exclusive Agency Sale and Listing Agreement and Washington State purchase agreement, Form 21, paragraph (d), and Oregon Real Estate purchase agreement (OREF 001) requires seller to have marketable title. In addition, many real estate brokers will not show your listing or write a purchase and sale agreement without reviewing your preliminary title report.  

At no cost to seller: MLS4owners will order your title report and exhibit A (legal description) and attach to your MLS listing. Our preferred Title Insurance Agency is Ticor Title Company, a subagent of Fidelity National Title. Current title rates can be viewed on our website.

To comply with RCW 18:85, OIC (Office of Insurance) rules, and Washington State purchase agreement, Form 21 paragraph (e), if Buyer declines to use this title policy then Buyer shall pay a cancellation fee. Current MLS4owners title insurance cancelation fee is $200.00. This fee is disclosed to member brokers in the MLS and is paid through escrow at closing. Please see OIC website for more details on Title Insurance.

*Seller is not required to use MLS4owners preferred title insurance provider. If Seller has a preferred title insurance agency, please order your title and send Exhibit A with your Service Agreement to activate your listing.

FYI: Expect 1-3 days delay to activate your listing in the MLS by using your preferred title company. Many title companies will not open title for an unrepresented seller without a purchase and sale agreement.

Any questions on how Title Insurance and Closing Services affect your MLS listing please call: