Funny Radio Commercials!


Since 2005 we have promoted our customers and our services with a variety of radio commercials that have appeared on stations throughout Washington.  Perhaps you have heard them on newstalk stations or a sports broadcast?  They are always informative, sometimes irreverent, and occasionally funny.  Turn them up and have a listen!

The Jingle  (Airing since 2008)

When we first spoke to Mark Weinstein in 2007, we were skeptical.  Then we began to research his work and the power of his jingles.  Visit his website and you will hear what this 13-time Clio Award winner helped create, including such memorable jingles as Doublemint Gum's "No Single Gum Like It", Bud Light's  "Bring Out Your Best", Hoover's "Nobody Does it Like You" and McDonald's "McDonald's and You". 

Mark was intrigued with our Real Estate Mumbo Jumbo®  theme, and he wrote music and words building on this theme.  He also brought in terrific talent including engineer Steve Allen, vocalist Terry Lauber, vocalist Shannon Eileen and guitarist John Morton.

Real Estate Mumbo Jumbo® (Aired in 2007)

This ad struck a nerve.  Radio stations were called, complaints were filed, and sabers were rattled.  Ultimately it was ruled that there was nothing wrong with the content because it was all based on truth.  Here is the story of the contest winner.