Real Estate Facilitator Service*

(Optional service with any listing package)    

Do you need help facilitating your transaction, negotiating, preparing counteroffers, troubleshooting?  We know you don't list and sell a property every day. WE DO! Over the years we found our customers just need a little help/coaching to get listed in the broker's MLS and to have a successful transaction.  

What can the facilitator service do for you?  

1. Pre-List Phase:  

*Critique listing input sheet for MLS best practices.   

*Critique listing photos and marketing remarks for MLS best practices.

*5-10 minute coaching call from your Facilitator: Learn what Real Estate Brokers don't want you to know!

*One call could save you thousands!

2. Marketing Phase:

*Provide MLS broker activity reports. This report tells you how many brokers viewed your listing in the MLS.

*Provide MLS key box reports.

*What questions you should ask during showings with brokers. 

*If needed, price adjustments. How to maximize advertising with price adjustments.   

3. Offer/Negotiating Purchase & Agreement Phase:

*Review offer(s) with seller from Buyers Broker. What Red Flags to look for.

*Review how offer expiration date effects seller.

*Review & Clarification of Buyers Brokers Compensation. 

*Review pre-approval letter from lender.

*Assist seller in formulating counter offers, home inspection counter offers.

*Facilitate with title, escrow, and lender with MLS forms.

*Review final closing statement from escrow for no hidden fees.

*GOT QUESTIONS?  Answer sellers real estate questions and troubleshoot issues.   

Disclosure: The facilitator service/transaction broker program does not create an agency relationship with MLS4OWNERS. Think of it as having a real estate coach in your hip pocket! 

How to select the Facilitator Service:  
MLS4owners Service Agreement Commission Paragraph 3b.


Just add .5% to your total commission and put over 25 years of real estate experience to work.

Buyer Broker's Commission:  2.5%  (This percentage is determined by seller)

MLS4owners Facilitator Fee:    .5%

Total Commission:                   3% (That’s correct; Total Commission)!

*A Real Estate Facilitator is a licensed broker who assists the Seller and Buyer/Buyer’s Broker reaching an agreement but does not represent either the seller or buyer in the transaction. The Facilitator will assist in communications between a prospective Buyer/Buyer’s Broker and Seller so that they may bring about a mutually agreeable transaction.

** Transaction Broker provides a limited form of representation to a buyer, a seller or both in a real estate transaction but des not represent either in a fiduciary capacity ofr as a single agent.  

Have Questions?  

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