Real Estate Facilitator Service**

(Optional service with any listing package)    


Do you need help facilitating your transaction, negotiating, preparing counteroffers, troubleshooting?  We know you don't list and sell a property every day. WE DO! Over the years we found our customers just need a little help/coaching to get listed in the broker's MLS and to have a successful transaction.  


What can the facilitator service do for you?  


1. Pre-List Phase:

*Order Preliminary Title report and attach to MLS listing as supplement

*Attach real estate seller disclosure statement to MLS listing  

*Critique listing input sheet for MLS best practices   

*Critique listing photos and marketing remarks  


2. Marketing Phase:

*Provide MLS broker activity reports. This report tells you how many brokers viewed your listing in the MLS. 

*Provide MLS key box reports   


3. Offer/Negotiating Phase:

*Review offer(s) with seller from Buyers Broker

*Review pre-approval letter from lender

*Assist seller in formulating counter offers, home inspection counter offers

*Facilitate with title, escrow, and lender with MLS forms

*Review final closing statement from escrow  

*Answer sellers real estate questions and troubleshoot issues   


Disclosure: The facilitator service program does not create an agency relationship with MLS4OWNERS. Think of it as having a real estate coach in your hip pocket! 


How to select the Facilitator Service:  
On the commission paragraph of the multiple listing service Form 1B, put the total commission you are offering into the first commission field, and the portion that is going to the buyer’s brokerage in the second commission field. For example, if you put “3%” into the total commission field, and 2.5% into the second field, that would be saying at the conclusion of a successful sale that 2.5% would go to the buyer’s brokerage and 0.5% would go to MLS4OWNERS. Please see MLS4owners Manual for details.


Just add .5% to your total commission and put over 25 years of real estate experience to work.


Buyer Broker's Commission:  2.5%  (This percentage is determined by seller)

MLS4owners Facilitator Fee:    .5%

Total Commission:                   3% (That’s correct; Total Commission)!



**A Real Estate Facilitator is a licensed broker who assists the Seller and Buyer/Buyer’s Broker reaching an agreement but does not represent either the seller or buyer in the transaction. The Facilitator will assist in communications between a prospective Buyer/Buyer’s Broker and Seller so that they may bring about a mutually agreeable transaction.   



Have Questions?  

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