1. Current MLS4owners Customer

For all active MLS4owners customers with current MLS numbers, we offer standard statewide real estate purchase and sale agreements, addendums and disclosures. Below is a list of state standardized forms and disclosures. To request the form that applies to your listing, please email [email protected] and MLS4owners will email you the standard form along with your Exhibit “A” (legal description) within one business day. 

If you need help scrutinizing and troubleshooting offers and negotiating, please see our facilitator service. Have 28 years of Real Estate experience for only .5% of the sales price!

2. Non-listed Properties.  Already have a BUYER?


For properties NOT listed in the brokers multiple listing service, MLS4owners will provide a partially completed standard purchase and sale agreement with Exhibit “A” legal description. 


1. Send email to [email protected] with:

a. Seller’s name

b. Buyer’s name

c. Address of property being sold

d. Type of property; i.e.: Residential, Condo, mobile home, vacant land

e. Contact information for all parties

2. Costs: $100.00 Make payment at our Payment Center  **($250.00 to use your preferred title & escrow) 

(In the payment center look for the Purchase and Sale – Napkin Icon)

3. MLS4owners will order Preliminary Title and legal description from Ticor Title & Escrow within 1 business day

4. MLS4owners will email Purchase and Sale Agreement, Disclosures, Exhibit “A” Legal description. 

5. Seller sends completed and signed Purchase and Sale Agreement to: [email protected] Direct number: 253-620-1393

** $250.00 to use your preferred title & escrow 

 If you need help scrutinizing and troubleshooting offers and negotiating between parties, please see our facilitator service. Have 25 years of Real Estate experience for only .5% of the sales price!

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Washington State 

1.  Washington State Law of Real Estate Agency Pamphlet                

2.  Lead Paint Hazards Pamphlet 

3.  Mold, Moisture, and Your Home Pamphlet

4.  Short Sale Seller Advisory

5.  Short Sale Disclosure

6.  Seller Disclosure - Improved Property Form 17

7.  Seller Disclosure - Unimproved Property Form 17c

8.  Seller Disclosure - Commercial Property Form 17 comm

9.  Lead-Based Paint and Hazards Discl. Form 22J 

Oregon State

1. Oregon Real Estate Agency Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet

2. Protect You Family from Lead in Your Home

3. Advisory Regarding Smoke and CO Alarms - OREF 080

4. Advisory Regarding FIRPTA Tax – OREF 092

5. Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement – OREF 20

6. Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Addendum – OREF 028 7. Exterior Siding/ Stucco/ E.I.F.S Disclosure – OREF 025 8. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Addendum – OREF 021

PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENTS does not provide legal advice or vouch for the suitability of any form for any purpose (real estate brokers are not permitted to offer legal advice), and we strongly urge all buyers and sellers to consult with a real estate attorney to ensure their interests are protected.

Washington State Standardized Forms

1.  Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement. Form 21 

2.  Multi-Family Purchase and Sale Agreement. Form 20

3.  Condominium Purchase and Sale Agreement Form 28

4.  Vacant Land Purchase and Sale Agreement Form 25

5.  Financing Addendum Form 22A

6.  Evidence of Funds Addendum Form 22EF

7.  Identification of Utilities Addendum Form 22K

8.  Buyer's Pending Sale of Property Cont. Form 22Q

9.  Attorney Review Addendum Form 22AR

10. Title Contingency Addendum Form 22T

11. Extension of Closing Date Addendum Form 22Y

12. Optional Clauses Addendum Form 22D

13. Inspection Addendum Form 35

14. Inspection Response for Form 35 Form 35R

15. Counter-Offer (Addendum) Form 36

16. Back-Up Addendum to Purchase & Sale Agr. Form 38A

Oregon State Standardized Forms

1. Residential Real Estate Sales Agreement – OREF 001

2. Residential Condominium Real Estate Sales Agreement – OREF 011

3. Manufactured Home Sale Agreement (without land) – OREF 012

4. Farm Ranches Acreage and Natural Resources Property Real Estate Sales Agreement-OREF 005

5. Vacant Land Sales Agreement – OREF 008

6. Seller’s Counteroffer – OREF 003

7. Backup Offer Addendum – OREF 009

8. Notice Pursuant to Short Sale Addendum – OREF 027A

9. Short Sale Addendum – OREF 027B

10. Short Sale Summary for Sellers – OREF 027SEL

11. Homeowners Association / Townhouse Addendum – OREF 24

12. Septic Onsite Sewage System Addendum – OREF 081

13. Private Well Addendum – OREF 082

14. Woodstove / Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Addendum – OREF 046

15. Professional Inspection Addendum – OREF 058

16. Seller’s Repair Addendum – OREF 0228

17. Notice of Acceptance of Completion of Repairs / Corrective Action – OREF 23 18. Addendum to Real Estate Sales Agreement – OREF 002M

Good luck with your sale!

*These forms are designed for use by trained real estate professionals only and, therefore, MLS4owners strongly cautions against their use by anyone other than real estate brokers trained in the use of the forms and lawyers. MLS4owners provides these forms to customers in hard copy only. MLS4owners customers using these forms agrees to (1) indemnify, defend and hold MLS4owners, Broker MLS's, REALTOR Associations MLS's harmless from any claim or liability resulting from the customers use of the form(s); and (2) to be liable to any other real estate brokers suffering damages as a result of any alteration of the form(s) so provided.