Don't rely on stale data from tax records or an estimation from national websites. These non-brokerage sites are not licensed brokers and do not have access or the right to local MLS Brokers data. The number one complaint we get from our customers is the quality of data from these sites.

Get the same real-time local MLS data used by appraisers and agents.  

For years we have provided our customers with reports of current MLS sales activity in their neighborhoods.  This data is up-to-the-minute, unfiltered, and direct from the multiple listing service database.  In addition, the report includes active, pending and completed sales, as reported by real estate brokerages.  You can learn not only what others have done in the recent past, but also what your competition is up to right now!  You will also see the same data the bank's appraiser will use in getting approval for your buyer's mortgage.


1. What you paid for your home does not affect its value.
2. The amount of cash you need from the sale of your home does not affect its value.
3. What you want for your home does not affect its value.
4. What a real estate agent says your home is worth does not affect its value.
5. An agent physically seeing your home doesn't affect its value.
6. What a mathematical algorithm produces does not affect its value.

The VALUE of your home is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay in TODAY's MARKET, based on COMPARING your home to others currently on the market. 

To get your free report without brokers calling you to list your home click on the GREEN TAB.  If you would like help analyzing the market data please visit our Service Center for current fees.