MLS4owners Advantage
Transaction Broker Service (1% Transaction Fee)


Our customers choose to represent themselves and list their properties in the local Multiple Listing Service by owner. 

As a buyer working with our customers, you have three choices: 

     1) Represent yourself and work directly with the seller. The seller's phone number can be found on Search MLS4owners Properties tab. 

     2) Work directly with your hired buyer's agent to represent you in the transaction.  Most buyer's agents charge two to three percent of sales price for their broker services. Is your broker worth $20,000 to $30,000 per sale?

     3) MLS4owners Transaction Broker Service: Pay 1% of sales price to have MLS4owners transaction consultant help you and the seller save thousands. 


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MLS4owners Advantage

Transaction Broker Service (1% Transaction Fee)

There are significant legal changes impacting the real estate industry. Pressure from class action lawsuits and Department of Justice (DOJ), sellers are no longer required to offer buyer broker’s compensation and buyers will be required to sign broker service agreements before broker services are rendered. Please see NWMLS/REALTORS pamphlet.


Why pay a buyer’s agent thousands of dollars when you can buy direct from the seller and save thousands!

MLS4owners Transaction Broker Service:

*Draft purchase and sale agreement to help buyer and seller come to a mutual agreement consistent with terms agreed upon with industry professional standardized forms and disclosures via conference call or Zoom meeting.

*From initial consulting, to offers, to inspections, to appraisal, to closing, we focus on YOUR transaction.

*Payment can come from seller's Buyer Brokers Compensation offer! Please see Transaction Agreement for details.

*Call for a FREE introduction on how Transaction Broker Service can save you Thousands.  Let 30 years of real estate experience and over 10,000 sales be your solution!

**A Transaction Broker is a licensed real estate broker who is neutral third party in a transaction. They provide services to facilitate the closing of a deal but do not act on behalf of any particular client. The transaction broker’s primary function is to assist with tasks that may be difficult for a buyer and seller to perform on their own.


1. Review agency forms and Transaction Agreement. 

2. Call for a private initial consultation. 

3. Sign and return Transaction Agreement.

4. Make Retainer Fee payment of $200 in Payment Center.

Got Questions?

Please call MLS4owners: 253-460-1900

***Please see Agency Pamphlet. & Important Information For Homebuyers

*** Please see  Oregon Real Estate Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet