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One of the most crucial elements in selling your home is the buyer’s ability to obtain financing. Most sellers have a challenging time figuring out if a prospective buyer could purchase your home and if the pre-approval letter is legitimately backed up by the banking institution or if it is just information they viewed online. 

MLS4owners Mortgage Consultant is Shawnna Lyons with Premier Mortgage Resources  


  • Your sellers' home loan consultant can help you determine which financing terms will make your property most appealing to most buyers.  Ask them how! 

  • The MLS4owners.com listing program is designed to get buyers directly to you, and our home loan consultant can help you get your buyer pre-approved before you take your home off the market.  Your MLS4owners Mortgage consultant can give you a counter-offer form to make it easier to request that your buyer be pre-approved on terms acceptable to you. 

  • If a buyer already has a pre-approval letter, you can have your home loan consultant verify whether the letter means what the buyer is telling you it means. 

  • If you have questions on any financing addendum your home loan consultant is available to help you understand the mortgage maze. 

  • No matter what a buyer is willing to pay, an appraiser has the final word about whether the financing will go through.  Your home loan consultant can help you with questions about the appraisal process. 

  • Put yourself in a position of strength when you are negotiating with a buyer or a broker.  Your home loan consultant is available to answer your buyer’s questions as well. 

For all your Mortgage needs please contact Shawnna Lyons with Premier Mortgage Resources